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Thursday, May 16, 2013 • SUNNY ISLES, FL 33160
yes i can
so rememebr I said i was injured , ha!!! not only my leg but my neck has been hindering my movements. I must extend this process  to 45 days , seeing as this week, is practically a waste for me. I am teaching but half way, I have not done anything extra at all, and if I stop, then this puts me 1 week behind. I have to be fair to myself, because life happens, I used to push through the pain, but ya i was much younger and healed faster, now healing feels like im at turtle speed.
Monday, April 15, 2013
Health News
What we consume affects how we feel, both mentally and physically. Many studies show that some types of foods contain ingredients essential for good mental health, the lack of which can exacerbate mental disorders such as depression. According to two recent publications, the Mediterranean diet protects against depression. The researchers believe that a healthy diet, rich in fresh vegetables, whole grains and olive oil, helps maintain mental health.