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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 • Vista, CA 92081
July 23, 2013 The Whole Athlete/Specialized Cycling Team showed its class at the 2013 Cross Country National Championships with four Junior National titles and ten top-3 podium finishes. The young riders truly rose to the occasion at the biggest US event of the season.
Monday, July 08, 2013 • Vista, CA 92081
Ben Gordon, former soccer player of the Cruz Azul Futbol Club A.C. (Mexico) is now preparing for his next opportunity in the Philippines. He has been hard at work at his home in Arizona making sure his conditioning and training are ready to make an impact from day one. Ben has incorporated the use of the KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest into his daily training as it is helping him keep core temperature down allowing for better performance and endurance. 
Monday, June 17, 2013 • Vista, CA 92081
Jude Massillon of The Sports Performance Group recently released an article on how his athletes are gaining better endurance and performance with the KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest.
Thursday, December 06, 2012 • Vista, CA 92081
More and more high end athletes are pre-cooling before their sport as research continues to be done on the enhanced performance benefits one receives. When conditioning/training the body’s central organs (specifically the liver, kidneys and intestines) rise significantly in temperature and can often times exceed 101 degrees. This causes water and blood to leave the muscles and race to the skin in an attempt to cool the individual down which will lead to fatigue as it depletes the muscles of oxygen and dehydrates them.
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 • Vista, CA 92081
Sunday, November 11, 2012 • APO 96367
Jocelyn Martin's Blog
I love the off-season.  That part of my training where I don't have an event planned for awhile.  I get to look back over my last season (not a good one as I was plaqued with an injury!), look at what I learned, make the neccessary tweaks (more speed work, more time spent in the pool, more drills, less endurance runs, train certain muscle groups vs. others, etc) and plan for next season.  I always get a bit giddy!  The hope, opportunity and challenge the next season will hold!!!  I'm reinvigorated to start.