Blogs about Suspension Training

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 • Washington, DC 20017
Suspended Fitness Training
It should be a well-known fact that you should not have severly decondition (obese) clients do exercises that require getting up and down from the floor. This was not an issue for me until I started trianing obese clients. I am an avid fan of TRX suspension training and I have been able to use this to build interest in personal training and my services. The issue has been how to use this system of training with obese clients--Rip Training.
Saturday, August 29, 2015 • Blue Ash, OH 45242
Nutrition and Fitness Coach
I was recently asked to do something that is completley outside of my comfort zone.  My initial reaction was NO, I can't possibly do that!  Then I took a deep breath and thought, why not?  It will take a lot of effort but it really sounds like something you would enjoy.  So I went for it.   
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 • Blue Ash, OH 45242
Nutrition and Fitness Coach
I spent the past weekend learning the new Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension Training system and was amazed by what I experience.  The word Bodhi is sanskrit for "to awaken".  As a Pilates practicioner and instructor for more than a decade, I was surprised by how much the Bodhi system did awaken my core.  Using the ropes to suspend the body activated the deepest muscles to stabilize the body while moving in and out of gravity.   

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