Venus Factor Review – Research on weight loss

Monday, March 10, 2014

John Barban author of Venus Factor Program Review said: According to the American Health Organization AOL sharper just one meal a day, we 'kicked' metabolism, which will burn up to 25% more efficiently, plus another three hours after a meal. So if you are a lover of food sharper, you have won. Best Review Here Venus Factor Review

You need to look for inspiration in Asian cuisine.

Tea (iced and hot) - A recent Swiss study showed that people who drink tea daily, burned about 266 calories more than those who do not drink this.

Research suggests that the most beneficial in this regard is green tea -

It contains a substance called EGCG, which is both very powerful antioxidants protect our cells against the  of the environment (even
speculating about it as a means of prevention cancer) as well as a substance that can "spur" and our nervous system and brain, so they can work faster, even when the body is at rest, thus burn more calories.

Without effect, however, is neither black nor white tea. Avoid, however, ice teas that are sold in stores - contain large amounts of sugar, so you probably received their drinking more calories than you burn tea helped.

Prepare a drink at home - great tip is to add a cold green tea mint or lemon, which is augmented by the absorption of antioxidants.  Also coffee or caffeine contained in it helps burn calories. It can to speed up the heart rate, making it burns more energy.