Long time not thinking about

Friday, January 25, 2013

At the moment, looking at the phone on the table, want to want to open the message, do not read the number, you can send a message to you, tell you, I want you here. I already do not store your number engraved in my heart, never forget how. I want to tell you, the frozen wild has also been clear brook in silence waiting for spring, surrounded by the deep mountains, gently singing oozes songs.


I was thinking about your fiery words, is it possible in exchange for a romantic. Want to tenderness of your calling loudly, will not urge to open supra shoes skytop Montreal, gently nestled beside you, light sniffing your unique fragrance. I was immersed in the sections tenderness able to extricate themselves, preferring to revel in the moment of the supra shoes Zuimeng Millennium. Misty sky, misty rain, hazy mood. Long time no so weak when I opened the floodgates of memory, to see you.


Long time not thinking about you today, caress you. Put you goes years folded face was warmest, most beautiful shiny red this cold winter night, but who is to say it was not a manifestation of love? Many times love is selfish, more often, love is the great pay without complaint, cheap supras selfless sacrifice, not all supra shoes skytop most common?