Many great career or achievements

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fast forward four years, we should have passed, he and she always maintained a first prize scholarship, has always maintained a familiar yet strange distance. Graduating from college, he do not have a girlfriend, she would not have a boyfriend, his buddies and her fairy are amazed. Human society, nature is also true. leader. He is a handsome boy, nicknamed foreign high a white face, tall and straight nose. She was an ugly duckling, small eyes, stubborn, slightly at the mouth.


Each semester grade exam score posting, They always among the best, differing only in the face of cheap supras attitude. Positive people excellence extraordinary change, negative people excellence becomes mediocre. If you do not own mind and judgment, not their own plans and goals, to evade responsibility we should take, then we will eventually fell into mediocrity. Great from the ordinary.


Many great career or achievements are casual small accumulation from. supra sale Invited her to dance, then wait for her and a partner Skip to end of the piece. Third grade, he wrote a long letter, determined to meet again her stuff, but he finally did not make such an abrupt move. Actually recorded in her diary each time they meet, excited, agitated state of mind.