Weight VS Wellness

Friday, September 20, 2013 • Denver, CO 80222

Too many people focus on weight when they should be focusing on total wellness. I will not tell you that someone who has a body fat percentage 10% or more higher then it should be is ok. I will tell you that the scale is a problem. Those who focus on the scale grow dependent on having to see the number to go down to feel successful. Reality is when you do this all you are doing is developing very bad mental habits that can and will lead to obsession and disorders. Yes, believe it or not over exercising is a sickness.


As we have grown up everyone from the Doctors to the TV and magazines have been telling us that we should weigh a certain amount based on height and age. Well once again science has proven that those numbers are not very accurate if you exercise. When you build lean muscle tissue you are adding weight to your body, but your are also adding skeletal strength, joint and tendon strength, as well as, increasing your metabolism.


My point is stop using the scale and focus on how your clothes feel and have your body fat tested if its a concern. Body fat testing is easy and typically will cost you nothing.  


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