50.2 miles to my Ultra Marathon - the night at the track

Thursday, February 23, 2012 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

This time I would like to share with you moments from our track workout, with a special visit from Michael Wardian.http://mikewardian.com/

As you may remember, I joined the 26.2 to Boston marathon training group in January. My current weekly milage is about 50 and on Tuesday evening we meet for our track workout.

We are nearing my first goal the Rock n' Roll Marathon March 17th and things are going well. Changing my running shoes to Saucony has helped my achilles pain tremendously. I still roll out my foot every night with a rubber ball to help release the facia. I also apply Topricin http://www.topricin.com/ to ease any joint pain I may have in my knees.

I am always hungry and need the energy to keep up with the workout intensity.

It was very cool to meet an elite athlete in person and listen to his stories. He is the most humble, down to earth person and funny.

Michael WardianMichael Wardian and me :) after my track workout

I hope you enjoy this little video of the night at the track ! Until next time.