Food Bites

Sunday, October 20, 2013 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

HEYlifetraining's new “Food Bites” will share what's healthy and hot and what's not in the food industry. Here you find the latest information on nutrition, food trends, and why eating healthy is important.

See what we have in store for you today:

Don't skip breakfast

imagesEating breakfast is associated with decreased risk of heart attacks. Including a variety of healthy foods into your breakfast ensures your meal provides a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

What would that look like? Add fruits or nuts to your oatmeal or prepare egg whites with some chopped up tomatoes. (Research published in the journals Obesity, July 2 and Circulation 2013:128,337-43 and IDEA Oct.2013)



Aronia berries

The newBlack Chokeberry super food and the North American answer to the acai berries. Fans of the aronia berries claim that the berries boost your immune system and contain anti-oxidants. As do most other fruits and vegetables.This berry can also be found in your backyard as as a landscaping shrub. 



 Sweet vs white potatoesIMG_0588

Are sweet potatoes better then regular white ones? Should we stay away from white potatoes?

 What about those other colored potatoes, should we eat them?

All are amazing, healthy foods and yes, you should eat them. There are about 4,000 known varieties of potatoes. I enjoyed some amazing kinds that I had never eaten before, in many different colors, while on vacation in Peru. So delicious! Our food industry simply dictates we should only eat white and sweet potatoes. If you find other varieties, give them a try.

We heard that potatoes are “high carb” foods and should be avoided. Not so fast!

Not all carbs are created equally, and potatoes white or sweet give us energy, fill us up, and leave us full for a while. Potatoes are also high in nutrients and the sweet potatoes pack in extra Vitamin A. Both the regular white and the sweet potatoes contain anti-oxidants controlling oxidative damage in the body and phytochemicals in them may help regulate the immune system.

What's there not to like?

Have your potatoes and eat them too – just not in form of a pie under whipped cream or loaded with butter.


images-1 Spotlight on Detox Diets

Everyone talks about “detoxing” or “cleansing” lately. This might involve a juice fast lasting several days or weeks, plus limited food and/or a “detox supplement”. This trend attracts people who want to improve their health and cure chronic conditions, not necessarily for weight loss. Due to the limited amount of calories and lack of nutrients, these diets create a negative balance associated with weight loss and dangerously low blood sugars.

Others claim that those diets remove toxins from the liver but there is no evidence that the liver actually “clogs up”. The liver produces specific enzymes to help remove unhealthy items or changes them into a healthier form.

The positive side of a detox diet may be eliminating foods that are not supporting your health and exercise program and adding more fiber into your diet. A valid detox maybe not drinking alcohol that you might otherwise enjoy. What it does not do is “cure poor eating habits” !

Simple ways to detox may be: drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and don't drink alcoholic beverages. (IDEAFIT published October 2013)

I hope you enjoyed HEYlifetraining's 1st edition of Food Bites

 Heike Yates