IDEA Personal Trainer Conference 2013 in Alexandria, VA

Thursday, March 07, 2013 • Silver Spring, MD 20910-2707

What a terrific event and a fantastic learning opportunity right in my backyard.

This year’s conference focused on “Training with a Purpose”, and the sessions offered reflected that overall theme.

Once again, I was chosen as an assistant to help out in the market place and I loved being there.
Attendees came by looking for the best in exercise, nutrition, wellness, and business to add to their library. Making new friends and reconnecting with my old friends is very easy at the market place, as everybody stops by at one point or other.

I find it interesting to learn more about IDEA and how shows of this magnitude (this year’s was sold out again) are organized and orchestrated. The friendships I made last year with the staff continued on this year and it was fun to catch up. On the right you see me with my friend Magali Sparks -she is in charge of the market place. 

When I was not working, I attended sessions to enhance my knowledge as a Personal Trainer and business owner.


Here are some of my highlights from this years event:

  • Shannon Fable, presented us with a fabulous session on marketing our business and the “7 Core Self-promotion strategies”.

  • Peter Twist, encouraged us to “Perform a the Speed of Life” - yes, that's correct “life”. As I always say: “Everyone is an Athlete”.

  • Chuck Wolf, taught us about flexibility, the relation to the body's facia and how activating it can produce better movement – you will see some of his ideas in your next session.

  • Mike Bracko's approach to back exercises for injury prevention and performance confirmed my current approach with some of my clients.

  • The BOSU (the blue half ball) was one of the movement classes I took and got my share of HIIT (high intensity interval training) – what a fun class. Be ready to sweat!

Thank you to IDEA for providing the industry with such high standards of education and for allowing me to be part of it.


What is my purpose?

I will assist you in your goal to enhance your athletic performance or improving functional movement. Supporting you in your goal to live your life to it's fullest potential.


See you soon,

Heike Yates