IDEA Personal Trainer conference in Alexandria/Va - 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

This year I decided, after many years attending Pilates conferences, that it was time to visit my roots and participate in the IDEA (International Dance and Exercise Assoc.)Personal Trainer conference.


Not only did I enjoy the most wonderful conference but I worked as a volunteer assistant. Not sure what it might entail, I email IDEA and asked to be signed up. Many things are considered when IDEA chooses their assistance staff and I was assigned to the “Market place”!

My job was selling videos/books and IDEA clothing to anyone attending the conference. What a blast I had and selling seems to come naturally to me.

While working in our little booth, many of my old friends stopped by to chat, and of course to purchase the wonderful materials IDEA offered; in addition I made new friends just the same.


When not working I was able to attend many of the interesting sessions offered.

For instance, I went to a nutrition coaching session that did not teach us how to modify our clients' diets but the behaviors leading to over-eating or making poor food choices .


I enjoyed a lecture on "Rotation for Performance" – in our training sessions we often address the lack of rotation in many of us.


Then it was time for a workout :) Boot camp style – so much fun and so hard. There I won my first EVER price in a raffle – a DVD! I was pumped!


Peter Twist, the IDEA Personal Trainer of the year, offer advice on muscle synergy but also how to get your business moving forward in a tough economy.


TRX for stretching was also a much needed relieve for my body – don't be surprised to see some of those stretches in your next session.


Other sessions focused on injury prevention and “Fast after 40” was a fantastic workshop for athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities.


I am glad I went and was part of this years IDEA event, including  the behind the scenes aspects.


IDEA Personal Trainer conference 2012