IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East 2014

Monday, March 03, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910


I spend this past weekend as part of the assistant team at the IDEA Personal Trainer conference in Alexandria, Virginia. The market place was my assignment for the weekend where I had the pleasure of pointing everyone interested in purchasing DVD's, books, and IDEA clothing in the right direction. Linda and I made a fun team and had a wonderful time meeting many new personal trainer, business owners, presenters and old friends alike.


While away from “my” market place, I was able to enjoy many of the educational sessions offered during the conference weekend. Here are some highlights of the sessions I attended:



  • Pete McCall's Anti-Aging Program Design Techniques, addressed how a sedentary lifestyle and repetitive movements can impact our fascial development while aging, leading to loss of joint mobility. He demonstrated how to apply purposeful movement training and plyometrics can positively affect the aging body.
  • In the workshop with the BOSU, Mobility and Stability for Active Aging, we explored how important it is to stay functionally fit to perform everyday activities and ways to stay fit in your daily life. IMG_1243 - Version 2There is where I met Pete, a 81-year old personal trainer and an inspiration of vitality and healthy living.

  • The CoreFitnessRoller (CFR) invented by Darya Bronston, has been on my list of items for the HEYlifetraining studio for a while. Darya, Annovium Products and Nora St. John, Balanced Body gave a in-depth session on how the CFR combines core work, strength training, and aerobic conditioning all in one while challenging your balance. Are you ready to take the challenge?





  • In my session with Douglas Brooks, Functional Program Design, we learned how to build athletic training blocks, maximizing multiplanar movement and developing power in ones workout.

  • NASM Barefoot to Parkour, taught us we how important it is for runners to develop foot strength and flexibility, as well as running efficiency. Combining science of human movement and developing progressive workouts for the athletes as well as the fitness enthusiast.

  • In the Strength in Numbers session, I experienced the Lebert Buddy System and explore how body weight training can provide virtually unlimited program designs. Will you be my buddy next time you come to HEYlifetraining?

  • The session Balance Training for Older Athletes – Boomerthlete by Michael Rogers, caught my eye. We explored the need for our older athletes or healthy adults to incorporate balance-specific training, which may improve performance, prevent falls, and prevent injuries. Here is where I met John, a 78-year old Astanga Yoga teacher and President of the Tysons-Pimmit Library in Virginia. Judging by the picture can you tell we had a lot of fun!?!?



Tired but Inspired I returned home, glad I was able to experience the friendships, energy, and inspiration from everyone around me.

See you next year IDEA.