Kinetic Sprint Triathlon 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910




I fell in love with running during the Cherry Blossom race in 2006 and   decided that if I am able to run a 10 miler, then I can run a Marathon. I have been involved with the MCRRC since 2007, either as a participant or as running coach and enjoyed running tremendously.


Within those 7 years I have run:

1 – 50 miler (JFK)

1 – 50K

9 – Marathons (including Boston)

11 – ½ Marathons (mostly Parks ½ Marathon in Rockville – just love that race)

4 – 10 Miler (Annapolis, one just has to run in August in the hottest race of the summer)

5 – 10K (the annual YMCA Turkey Chase – a family favorite in my house)

a few 8K's here and there and

1 - Duathlon: SavageMan (here you bike and run)

Placing 3rd in the SavageMan Duathlon qualified me for the 2014 USA Triathlon National Championships, I now had a new goal. LEARN TO SWIM. Never mind that I DO know how to swim, but poorly and mostly breast stroke.

My fiance and my daughter offered to help with the swim training. One needs to know that I don't like cold water, don't want to put my face in the water, worry about drowning, and due to being deaf in one ear always worry that I will lose my hearing when water logged. My family had their work cut out for them and off to the pool we went with ear plugs, new swim suit and cap, and a swim buoy for flotation.


Four weeks later my swimming had improved and the ear plugs worked wonders. Everything was progressing fine, but I still was worried about drowning and swimming was still a chore. That's when I found Greg Nelson, the triathlon coach at the Rockville pool and I took private lessons with him. Greg turned everything around for me! He showed me that I CAN FLOAT and that swimming is actually fun.


I now felt prepared to participate in the Kinetic Sprint Triathlon (750 meter swim, 15 miles bike, 3 mile run) and it was time to buy a wetsuit.

Why a wetsuit you might ask? The water temperature at Lake Anna, VA, the race site, was to be at 60 degrees during the race. Bonzai Sports in Falls Church, VA had a variety of wetsuit and I ended up getting not only a wetsuit but also a tri-suit (to wear under ones wetsuit for the bike and run later on).

I tested the wetsuit prior to the race during an organized Open Water Swim at Lake Millbrook Quarry with the water temperature at 59 degrees. Oh my!

Race day at Kinetic could have not been more perfect. A beautiful sunny day, water temperature at 63 degrees and my family, as well as Team Z (I currently coach for Team Z and train with them) to cheer me on. Coach Greg also turned up for his race and gave me last minute encouragement and a big smile. He won his age group!

IMG_2271I loved it! The swim was easy, the bike smooth and the run fantastic. I placed 9th in my age group and could not have been happier with the result. Next stop: Colonial Beach, this time the International distance.


Heike Yates