MOTR (More Then A Roller) aka (CFR) Core Fitness Roller

Friday, May 09, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

This years' IDEA Personal Trainer Conference in Virginia featured, among many wonderful new products, one of my long time favorite “The CoreFitnessRoller®”. My friend and inventor Darya Bronston, presented her genius design and now HEYlifetraining Pilates and Wellness clients can enjoy it.

The Core Fitness Roller (CFR) combines the benefits of a foam roller, with the challenge of three weight pulley resistances, for a challenging and diverse exercise option. The unique and innovative design allows you to switch resistance quickly while targeting different areas.



Some of the benefits I see are:

  • The CFR provides a full body workout for Pilates and sports-specific training

  • It develops core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall fitness

  • You can use it as a foam roller for myofascial release

  • Barefoot training stimulates the proprioception of the body


What's not to like? Did I mention how much fun it is?

Next time you come to the studio, try out my new Core Fitness Roller and see how it can change your workout.


Heike Yates