Pilates Duet Sessions

Friday, June 13, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

Pilates Reformer Sessions (2-person on their own Reformer) is a fun way to share your love of Pilates with someone else. See results by committing each week to meet your friend, spouse, partner, co-worker or even your children for an amazing core workout.

Duets work best when committing to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals. If you are brand new to Pilates, I recommend taking a few individual Pilates sessions prior to teaming up for your Pilates Duet.

The Top 4 benefits of a Pilates Duet

A tailored Pilates workout for 2

Similar to a private session, the Pilates Duet is designed based on your needs but you share the fun with your friend, spouse, partner, co-worker, or your child. (minimum age 8 years)

Real results through motivation

Working out with a partner is motivating and research suggests that working out as a duet may boost weight loss.

Cost effective

You will save money by scheduling Pilates Duet Sessions but still receive the benefit of my individualized attention.

Reduces stress

With our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to enjoy time with our partner/friends and workout, all at the same time. A Pilates Duet is a wonderful way of reducing stress and still have fun.


Things to keep in mind for your Pilates Duet Session

  • Be sure to partner with a committed friend. If they cancel or can’t make it, you have to cancel too or pay the cost of a private session

  • Schedule a “standing appointment” each week will help you stay committed

  • Find your Pilates partner and workout in an affordable way

  • Dress in comfortable workout cloth


Please contact me to set up your Pilates Duet Session at my Silver Spring location