The North Face Endurance Challenge - 50k on June 2nd 2012

Monday, June 04, 2012 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

My journey to run the JFK 50 miler continued on with the

North Face Endurance Challenge - 50k,

my Garmin actually read 32.1 miles at the end of the race which made it 51.65 kilometers !

Things started out with a Tornado warning the night before the race, which dumped many inches of rain on the terrain to be run. My crew, boyfriend Jan and daughter Melanie where up and out early with me to help out along the way with gue, gatorade, band aids, and glide if needed.

Busses took us to the actual site of the race start, the Algonkian State Park, Virginia, everybody was preparing and getting their game face on. I always love that moment, music is pumping, everybody focused, or silly or simply just being in the moment.

Dean Karnazes, sent us off with some words of of encouragement and “I” got a high five from him ! Never washing that hand again :)


North Face in DC - 50kThe race began and in short, it was HARD much harder then I thought! We ran many miles in mud up to our ankles, very steep hills up and down, through streams as high as up to our thighs, the terrain slick and dangerous. If you know Old Rag, picture racing it several times over in mud.


My result: 7 hours 10 min 47 seconds, Top 1/3 in my age group and top ½ of all women

(the fastest women in this race came in at 4:47:50 and

was at least 10 years younger – just wanted to mention it)

50k medal and mud shoes

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video which captures some of the moments from the race.