The Waist Cincher aka the Corset

Thursday, June 26, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

X-ray of a women wearing a corsetMy client asked me this morning: “Have you heard of the waist cincher? It is supposed to help you loose weight and and make your waist tiny”.

At a loss, I Goggled this magic waist cincher and voila what I found is a corset.

The distributor claims that it:

  • Accelerates weight loss through compression and perspiration

  • It lifts your breasts and defines your waist

  • That you may even feel satisfied with less food

  • The power of the rubber promotes a micro-massage while moving

  • Promotes quick postpartum recovery

and let's not forget to mention that the waist cincher was seen on “The Martha Steward Show” AND in the Oprah Magazine, O. All I can say is OHHH NOOO.

The corset became popular in the 1600s first in Europe then in the US. Originally the corset was worn on the outside of clothing to modify the waistline. Later on as cinching became more fashionable they where worn underneath the garments. Corsets where fashionable with men in the 1820-1835 to achieve the then so desired “wasp like” look. Andy Warhol wore a corset due being shot in 1968 to immobilize his spine.


Let's find out what this corset is supposed to do and if the claims made are valid. According to an article in wearing this garment long term can:

  • Permanently compress and alter your four floating ribs

  • Provides a smaller waist and thinner appearance

  • Could give the wearer back support and posture control

  • Added abdominal support

The RISK factors mentioned are:

  • Decreased abdominal support

  • Atrophy of the abdominal walls

  • Deformation of the stomach, liver and lungs

  • Decreased breathing capacity


I was unable to find research supporting the distributors claim

for weight loss.

Several users stated that, the fat was pushed up and they had trouble breathing. Most seemed happy with the tighter waist, a leaner look, and a smaller stomach. Materials vary when it comes to shape wear. Wearing a lighter version of the corset, for instance Spanx, may help even out your contours in a beautiful dress and not harm the body.

My recommendation for a leaner slimmer you: Exercise and eat right!

Let me help you cinch your waist the healthy way