Let's Talk Turkey

Friday, July 11, 2008
Late yesterday afternoon I went to watch the Culture Shock presentation. I think "wow" is the word of this convention, and it applies here. Those kids are so talented and their dance moves defy gravity and anatomical laws, I'm sure. I opted out of the chance to take the master class out of an instinct to preserve my dignity (which means my 14-year old son would have disowned knowledge of me if he'd heard I'd tried to do hip-hop or anything like it). Last night was the IDEA-sponsored party. Let's be honest - who would pass up free food (including sushi), entertainment and dancing? At the party it was possible to ride a Segway (I didn't), do simulated surfing (I didn't do that either) and meet lots of people who really just wanted to put their drinks on our table! But I'm a lemonade from lemons kind of girl (see, even calling myself a girl is a true sign of optimism) so I made it my business to meet all those people. I met people from Turkey, Norway, France, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina and the 28th floor of the hotel (okay, the last one was IDEA CEO Peter Davis, and I forgot to push the button for my floor. He probably thought I was stalking him to see if he had a better room). If any of you reading this are from outside the U.S., I totally encourage you to come to the convention next year. Why? Because you make the convention so much more interesting. And you seem to all have great evening wear! Oh, another thing that made the party so fun was the DJ. He did a highly choreographed dance routine for us all at one point in the evening. Can you imagine a DJ outdancing a throng of fitness movement specialists? The dude could move! I'm feeling a sudden urge to learn how to spin on my head....nope, it's passed. So, Friday morning and I got up on time (do you see that I've made it to all my morning classes? Please give me an award) to take Fred Hoffman's Zensational Step. He speaks so calmly and casually that you don't realize how quickly he's taught you all kinds of great moves. And his jokes are corny, according to him, and I just want to be a good friend and confirm that Fred is right. Take Fred's classes when you can and just check out his patter-by the end you'll be laughing in spite of yourself and you'll also feel like you've just met one of the world's gentle souls. Let me know it you agree once you've met him. Len Kravitz is a long-time presenter and I sign up for his classes automatically, no matter the subject presented. In person he looks like a dentist or researcher (he's at least one of those), but when he starts to talk you A: learn a lot of technical information quickly in a way that you can use later with your own students/clients, and B: fall off your seat laughing. How can you not be energized by a guy who says he gets goosebumps just thinking about fat metabolism? And the more syllables in his lecture titles, the more jokes he cracks. So if you see one next year entitled something like "Fat Metabolism, Lipolysis, Mitochondria and the Little Barges That Transport It, Divine Supramaximal Circuit Interval, Fartlek (don't laugh - the Swedes know what it means)Training and 100 Recipes for Walking Down and Up in a Brisk Fashion While Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast and Measuring VO2 Max in Unsuspecting University Students," you know it's a winner. If you don't take my advice you will be sooooorrrryyyyy. Just saying. Later today I have a lecture about the science of eating organic, and I am hoping for free snacks. You had me at "hormone-free beet" you rascal! Then I will go to a class about modifications for older adults. I work with that population; heck, I will be that population in a month, so I want to know those secrets, you betcha. Well, I am off to the Expo Hall to pay for my drumsticks (wooden, not turkey) and music CDs. Then, say it with me, Ssearch for free food." Gosh, you'd think I'm underfed. Look at my blog picture-I am not. But look at my picture anyway-my son took it and said he did a good job of making me look tolerable!