Take the Girl Out

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last night I talked Gus, the intrepid I.T. guy from IDEA, into sitting with me while I ate dinner. I believe he was on a medically supervised diet that required him to just have sake!

But here's the interesting part - I got to sleep by 10:30. That has never been done before by me at a World conference. I had to attend my first class as it was entitled "Take the Curl Out," which sounded intriguing. It was all about strength training and had lots of useful info. Of course, me being me, I zeroed in on Bethany Diamond's sense of humor. With her Georgia accent, it was entertaining to hear her spell her name; "B E T H A N WHY and Diamond like the ring."

Then I crashed the Drums Alive Step and Drum. I was happy for Carrie that so many people came to see the program that she has worked so hard on for years, but that happiness was quickly tempered by fear when she fell off the back of the stage. She came back smiling, but going down embraced by a steel pole must feel like sitting on a T-bone. Today is a full day with lots of workouts so I'm determined to be completely fit by dinnertime. Uh, before dinner - I'm having dreams of dessert. After stepping and drumming, I headed to the "relaxation" of Nora St. John's "Roll, Release, Relax" class. Okay, I have the word "relaxation" in quotes because Nora tried to kill us. And the more we groaned, the more she laughed. May I just say that Nora has an extremely dry sense of humor, with no sadism involved. To be fair, it was a class about myofascial release, and the pain was an indicator of tension and knots. The only other times I can recall associating pain with "self-improvement" was when I did physical therapy for a reconstructed knee and of course, a few previous boyfriends.

Due to exercise guilt I then headed to a promotional seminar about fitness. It turned out to be mostly Pilates-based exercises, which I am far too lazy to fully attempt. In an effort to be a good citizen participant, I did my own version, which I've now named "PiLazees" as in L A Z Y. I've consulted extensively with Bethany Diamond (at least 5 minutes) and we've now created this new class. The equipment will be a recliner, cup of coffee, remote control and a friend to do the actual exercises while we gently inhale and exhale while taking restorative sips of our coffee. Hmmm, perhaps a lack of proper nutrition is making me punch-drunk. My apologies to proper Pilates instructors - I'm just jealous.

Time to get in line for Peter Twist's sport conditioning circuit class. He is so exuberant that you almost want to do all the crazy stuff he cooks up just to make him happy. Read his articles - he's a forward-thinker (that's Canadian for "he's a wild and crazy guy." If you are too young to remember Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd doing Saturday Night Live, just let this cultural reference slide by. Oops, gotta hurry. I don't want to be late for my spot in the back where I sit and pretend to exercise.