Fireworks at Dinner

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where else but in Anaheim by Disneyland can you hear and see fireworks during dinner? Then, at the welcoming ceremony, I got to recreate those fireworks with my new friend, Laura from Castle Rock. The speaker, Matt Weinstein, had us partner up with a new friend and try some "bonding" exercises that involved laughter, doing our impression of exploding fireworks and complimenting each other. I got lucky as I was partnered up with someone who has a great giggle! And Matt looked like he could be Al Franken's younger brother.

What? You want to know what I've been doing so far? Okay, you win...I'll tell you. I woke up at 6:15 and had a sleepy conversation with myself. Something like "Get up and go to your step class." "No, I'll just sleep in and get to the welcome ceremony." "No, you know you liked the description of the class. You'll be so glad you got up." "Possibly. But at the moment I'm just not feeling the joy." Eventually I figured out I really was just talking to myself, which I figured meant I was obviously coherent enough to get up. So I did. And I was glad, but not for at least an hour. I went to "Addicted to Step" which is an odd name, because most of the people I know who are jumping around at 7:00 a.m. are addicted to coffee, not exercise. In any case, it was taught by Tal Yahalom. What do you guess? Man or woman? Well, I guessed wrong. Tal is a she. And very good at cuing she, I might add. Tal reminded me of Marcus Irwin, with her excellent ability to take us from basic moves to complex choreography without us even noticing..or suffering. That is a talent!

Not to foment trouble on this site (which I actually want to do), but during the welcome ceremony some of the dancers from the upcoming movie "Fame" showcased some of their moves. The editor-in-chief of IDEA's magazines, Sandy Todd Webster, mentioned how she could also do those moves, but was just too darn busy. So I tried to make her a deal--if she would get up and do those leaps and kicks, I promised to learn how to text and tweet and other stuff that starts with "t." No pressure, but if you comment on her blogs, let her know that I'm waiting to see her dance.

From there I went to hear Jenna Bell-Wilson's lecture, "Are You Hungry or Stressed?" I thought it was a quiz question, so I shouted out "Both." Turns out it was an informative lecture about the relationship between eating and stress. Whatever! Jenna is really funny, and mutters stuff under her breath, so I recommend you to try her lectures, but sit up close. You will be laughing a lot. And not in a stressful way. Some of the lecture was very scientific, but I think I got one of her points when she was talking about helping our clients and students make better food choices during times of stress. After reminding us not to exceed our training and give counseling advice, I think I now understand what to say to clients who come to me. When they say, "I'm stressed" my response should be "Eat more beans." Although, I do have an advanced degree in counseling, so I could actually say, "My professional advice is that you should eat more beans!"

If you read the July/August issue of IDEA Fitness Journal, you might have seen my article about Greening up the Fitness Industry. Well, I am so pleased to report that I just bought a pile of clothing at an organic cotton/bamboo clothing booth right here at the Expo. It's called Green Apple. Not only is the company based in my hometown, but the clothes are really cute. If you're reading this blog, you probably aren't here, but if you can't drive down to Anaheim in the next day or two, at least check out their website.

Speaking of green, I was green with envy today when I met Nicki Anderson, last year's recipient of the Personal Trainer of the Year Award. Why am I envious? Well, her book just came out and it's now available. Okay, that's not the part that makes me jealous; my book will come out soon too, just as soon as I write it! No, I was envious because she looks so good in her "Dieting Sucks" t-shirt. On me it would just look like a contradiction in terms.! Okay, I'm not really on a diet. I'm just well-endowed! Ha ha, not that either - I got nothing. I nursed my two boys so efficiently that I turned from a 36C to a 34WannaB. Back to Nicki - she is really tiny in person; about 5 foot with wishful thinking. She explained to me that today she was extra tall because of her high heels. I was thoughtful enough to point out that she was wearing flip-flops! Nice try, Nicki!

Well, I have a Step N Sprint class coming up so I need to sprint along to it so I'm not late. By the time it's over, I'll be ready for Eat N Splat, my favorite non-existent class ever.


Sandy Todd Webster
On Aug 13, 2009
Great blog, Alexandra. You had me laughing out loud. I actually told you I was asked to be up on stage with the Fame dancers (the guy who did the flip off the stage took my place), but the Tweeting and live blogging was a higher priority.
Actually, I'm choreographically challenged. I can't even do that "slide" dance y'all insist on doing every year at the Welcome Party. Just watch tomorrow night. I'll be the one stepping on everyone else's feet! :)
Nicki Anderson
On Aug 15, 2009
nicki anderson- Remember Alexandra, we can't all be tall Godesses like you. I need all the help I can get! :-) I have to find you today, to deliver your book that you so brilliantly edited.