Best concept for weight loss ? circuit, split programs, super setting ?

Hi guys

So i have been training clients at my gym now and im a new personal trainer. Many clients that i have trained there main goal is to lose weight now besides teaching them nutritional things and what they should be eating, in your opinion what is the best program to prescribe for weight loss clients and would you prescribe that program for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients ? the only difference in each is the exercise difficulty ?. I was told that no matter how advanced or how new the client was the best program to prescribe is a fullbody circuit which you do twice in that session only thing you change is the exercises and its in this order ( lower body, upper body, full body exercise, abs and than HIIT ). I have been doing that for clients and they enjoy it ? if i see them twice a week i make two different programs with two different circuits in each ? what are your opinions on this and what programs do you guys prescribe for your weight loss clients ? super sets ? split programs ?