Coffee Rehab

Thursday, November 03, 2016 • Albuquerque, NM 87114

 Coffee Rehab

Good morning, good morning! On this pumpkin spiced smelling terrific Thursday! Happy Holiday planning.


Yes, Im trying to quit drinking coffee for a little. My coffee consumption has gotten out of control. Starbucks Example of my coffee consumption: Venti Iced coffee with 2-3 add shots with a side of coconut milk/ no sugar.  Could be do to homeschooling. Wink. Great thanks to all educators to our youth!   

So I have been saying I will stop drinking coffee because Ive noticed that I have been craving it and consuming more and more amounts with out taking in consideration of my previous H20 levels. The reason I did not write for my new blog was due to a massive head ache probably due to not having any coffee yesterday, Yay! Defiantly not yay to the head ache.

So the other night I put my tiny black and chrome coffee maker away and replaced it with my Keurig, and placed my new/old box of mint tea close by. 

My husband makes me coffee in the morning before he goes to work. Thanks love!. But Ive switched it up and had got it ready for him, smiles. And so that concluded back to the night pounding head ache. I have set myself up for success eliminating the the source of the problem for me at this moment.

Cheers with mint tea to not drinking coffee.

Dear Coffee, I love you and miss you. We have just been spending too much time together. It’s not you Its me. I hope you can find it in your sweet smelling coffee grinds to understand….