15-16 weeks Trying. Good Stress.

Monday, April 17, 2017 • Albuquerque, NM 87114

16-17 Weeks Pregnant Tomorrow 


April 17, 2017 Monday



Fitness- Pregnancy- Mother- Artist Hunt- 

Loving progress, Goals, Family time, and getting the ugly done.

My list*

Beauty Day: Me + baby = Love (care for body and soul) The little thing that comfort me. Today. :)

Hair mask. Face mask. lip scrub. Sugar body scrub.

Beauty Home: Clean home + Family = Fun (family fun time/ relaxed mind)

Yoga: Free + body = health internal (calming)

On my white fuzzy rug with candles a cute oufit and not forgetting nature music sounds:)

Nutrition: Vitality + information = Clarity (spirt energized)

Fuel the soul and skin:) and BABY for proper growth not just in size but his mind and all his connecting internal organs trying to give optimality physical prosperity and robustness;) = a tuff lil boy

As I re-read this I tear up.. because a mothers only request: Is health for their baby from the deepest pit of their soul and so the fear of pregnacy settles in from time to time. Prayers and healthy actions take place and calmness settle in.