Good Saturday!

Saturday, April 15, 2017 • Beverly Hills, CA 92109

Been working on nutrition. Going on all natural foods very minimal processed foods. My light bulb is my current pregnancy.

I have been very sick with the fun and only morning sickness and nothing helped! Ive read all the O try this, try that for it! Nope! Don’t work. 

When you are unable to eat on top of hormonal sky rocketing and exploding in your body you get very disconnected with pretty much everything. So recovery is on the horizon. On top of it all finding out I'm pregnant and husband relocating job. A very interesting  January 2017. Happy New Year! With a bang. 

Had plans to compete in bikini division this year. But its all good. The focus is nurturing my body that natures my tiny growing baby. 

So we have moved from California to New Mexico now. I am out of shape breathing wise and the climate elevation don't help. 

Excited to experiment with nutrition!