Late. Early morning. Sweet life.

Saturday, November 05, 2016 • Beverly Hills, CA 92109
Today or shall I say yesterday was great. I consumed green smoothies drank lots of water and I did have some taquitoes 2.5. I drink raw protein plant based. I am getting to like the gritty sand mild sweetness the raw protein gives. I've been drinking mint tea. Today I put a splash of coconut milk in it and can I point my finger and say Yumm. I'm in bed writing. Normally I write from my office but I'm so cozy in my bed it's 12:36 am. Up watching Netflix - CT Fletcher, true story of man overcoming life's obsticals making his own dreams come true with out any excuses. A lil Rated R for language but inspiring. Me and hubby are just relaxing on this peacefully Friday / Saturday early morning!!!!! Good by first week of November as you come to a close.