Thursday, December 26, 2013 • Philadelphia, PA 19131


After all the Christmas food and cheer, our bodies need to relax and unwind. And, the best way to do that is when the body and the mind are both totally relaxed –during sleep. During sleep, your body does most of its repairing and healing. So, a good night's sleep is the first step of your post-Christmas recover plan. A good night's sleep will aid in helping you be at your best and feel great.

Next, increase your intake of vitamin C. This will help clear your skin and help maintain teeth and bones and aids our absorption of iron. Great sources of vitamin C are strawberries, kiwi fruit, steamed broccoli and oranges. Another vitamin that is great for our bodies is vitamin B as this helps soften the impact of alcohol on the liver and encourages cell rejuvenation.      

Next, eat colorfully! To combat any signs of aging that the Christmas party season has brought on, increase your intake of foods that contain anti-oxidants. These are brightly colored fruits and vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, apricots, carrots, kale, spinach, beets, Brussels sprouts, etc.

And don’t forget to drink your water! Think of water as a nutrient that your body needs. Fluid losses occur continuously, from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool and these losses must be replaced daily for good health. When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated. Dehydration symptoms and risks include: excessive thirst, fatigue, muscle weakness, headache, dizziness, less frequent need to urinate and decreased output, darker colored urine (should be nearly clear to pale yellow), confusion, increased heart rate and respiration, skin that doesn't snap back when pinched and released. Oh my! Drink water!

Next, perform low stress exercises like walking. There is no better therapy after a long stressful day than going for a walk. This is a great form of exercise and will also blow away all those cobwebs that have accumulated from spending too much time inside and sitting!

Last but not least (for men and women alike)…if you really want to totally relax and recover then treat yourself to any type of spa treatment like a massage, a facial, or manicure and definitely a pedicure! We all love to be relaxed so don’t forget to treat yourself and your body well.

p.s...repeat this plan after celebrating and bringing in the New Year!


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