Sunday, March 31, 2013 • Captain Cook, HI 96704-8211

"If we don't listen to the voice of the soul, it sings a stronger tune.  If we don't go looking for what lies beneath the surface of our lives, the soul comes looking for us."  Elizabeth Lessor, "Broken Open"

The word, "Nalukai" is a Hawaiian word meaning " a wise soul who has weathered life's storms".  Each one of us has story, a journey that has taken us to the discovery of our inner strengths - like it or not.  You do not need a horrific event to break you open - it can be a change of plans.  My friend, Tricia McCarthy has taken the sacredness of life's journey and given it meaning in the form of a beautiful jewelry line - one's story in a single word.  Influenced by her love of Hawaii and the time she spends there, Tricia blends the beauty of the islands and its language to create jewelry for each person’s story.  I wear the pendant, "Inspire" (Ho'oulu) but I also identify with Maluhia (Peace), Ponopono (Balance), Aloha (Love), I Mua (Move Forward) and Ikaika (Strength).  Go to - tell me what speaks to you. What is your story in one word?


The Warrior Within is the Nalukai:  Nourish your mind, spirit and your soul with at least as much attention as you give your body.  What you take in - what you pay attention to - will closely reflect the quality of what you can give out.