Bethesda Fitness Personal Training

Saturday, October 01, 2016 • Bethesda, MD 20814

Bethesda Fitness is a personal training studio owned and operated by Eric Greenberg, MD, CPT.  

We specialize in one on one personal training for overall fitness including weight loss, body sculpting , toning, and building, cardiovascular fitness, strength training, post-rehab, and medical health issues including diabetes, gait instability  osteoporosis, and nutrition.

Dr. Greenberg personally assesses and trains all clients in all age groups from children to the elderly.

If you want to see remarkable changes in your body, your physical capacity, and energy, give Dr. Greenberg, six weeks. 
In another two to six months your body will be fully converted from a soft, sedentary, calorie storing reservoir into a lean, mean, calorie burning machine.

The reason for these seemingly quick results is that the human body is highly adaptable. 

Dr. Greenberg's training is dynamic, fast moving, energizing, efficient, and focuses on major muscle groups, the core, and the cardiovascular system.


Established in 2010.

Bethesda fitness is a fitness studio created by Eric Greenberg MD CPT.

Dr. Greenberg started  Bethesda fitness so that he could utilize his combined knowledge and skills as an internal medicine physician and a personal trainer.  

This rare combination of knowledge and skills allows Dr. Greenberg to safely and effectively train healthy individuals as well as individuals with  health problems and injuries and to obtain optimal results.  

Dr. Greenberg's knowledge of  muscular anatomy, exercise physiology, health issue, injuries,  nutrition,  and medical obstacles  to achieving optimal results  sets him apart from other trainers.  

In addition Dr. Greenberg offers the level of care of a physician when analyzing a client's exercise technique and when designing exercise programs.

His scientifically based and empirically proven training is designed to increase muscle mass and metabolic rate and decrease percent body fat through a customized program using efficient training techniques.

Meet the Business Owner

Eric G.
Eric G.
Business Owner

Dr. Greenberg earned his BA Degree in Humanities at Johns Hopkins University  in 1988 where he was a member of the crew.

Dr. Greenberg earned his MD at the Univ of Maryland Sch of Medicine and then completed his residency in internal medicine at WHC in 1996. Subsequently he received his Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 1996.

In 2001, Dr. Greenberg went into private practice. The emphasis of his practice was preventative medicine, patient education, nutrition, and fitness. He also taught Physical Diagnosis to George Washington Univ medical students.

Dr. Greenberg has vast experience with weight reduction, bodybuilding, strength training, woman's health and osteoporosis, the geriatric population, post-rehab, coronary risk assessment, and diabetes. 

Dr. Greenberg received his personal trainer certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and then turned his medical office into a training studio where he is utilizing his expertise.