11 Healthy Careers Worth Considering

Friday, August 31, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003

11 Healthy Careers Worth Considering


Countless studies have been published recently showing the negative health effects of sitting and staring at screens for too long. More surveys have revealed that some jobs are significantly safer than others.


After a while, an unhealthy or dangerous job can take its toll on your physical and emotional health. If you’ve decided that your career isn’t as healthy as you’d like it to be, it’s time to make a change.


Here are some of the healthiest careers in the world.


1. Software Engineer


It might surprise you to hear that being a software engineer, who sits and stares at a screen all day, is a healthy career, but it’s true. Their necks might be a little sore at the end of the day, but software engineers tend to experience great mental health.


For example, the software engineers at Google report some of the highest satisfaction scores of any job. They love what they do and the nap pods, exercise rooms, slides, ping pong tables, and standing desks don’t hurt either!


2. Biomedical Engineer


Biomedical engineers are an essential part of the healthcare community. They invent medical and biological devices used every day to save lives and improve patients’ quality of life.


If you’re interested in this career, you’ll need at least a master’s degree in biomedical sciences.  The program takes about two and a half years to complete, and the salary outlook is very attractive at $90,000 a year.


3. Nutritionist


Everyone has access to healthy foods, but nutritionists have the knowledge necessary to know what and how to eat it. Their living revolves around encouraging healthy eating habits in their patients. Nutritionists know how to make food work for them rather than the other way around.


They’re often forced to practice what they preach to gain clientele. Nobody wants an overweight, unfit nutritionist to give them healthy eating advice, after all.


4. Landscape Gardeners


Manual labor can be hard on the body, but landscape gardening is a pretty low-key job. It keeps you physically active and exposes you to sunlight, which helps to keep your mood up.


It also allows a little creativity, which is great for the brain. The time outdoors can also calm the mind and allow for peaceful meditation. The mental stimulation causes dopamine reactions in the brain, helping you feel happier and more satisfied with your job. 


5. Fitness Instructor


Here’s another job that requires plenty of physical activity. Fitness instructors have to be physically fit to keep up with their clients, so their eating and exercise routines often go beyond the classes they teach.


Additionally, the mental stimulation and creativity encouraged in this job are good for your emotional health. You’ll rarely find a fitness instructor that’s not upbeat.


6. Florist


There’s something about working with beautiful flowers in nature that improves your outlook on life and physical health. It also requires significant creativity, so your brain is always engaged.


Studies also show that nature and greenery tend to reduce blood pressure and lower stress. Working in nature and meeting new people has a healthy effect on the individual behind the desk.


7. Farmer


Farmers also get to spend a lot of time in nature with a deep understanding of plants and agriculture, not to mention nutrition and eating healthy. They’re arguably some of the closest people on earth to nature.


It also requires a lot of physical activity. Farmers have to keep their energy up during the stressful times of planting and harvesting, so they’re more likely to eat healthy and exercise to stay that way.


8. Psychiatrist


Can you imagine someone more emotionally sound than a mental health expert? While their lives probably aren’t perfect, they have the knowledge and tools necessary to deal with the emotional stresses they encounter on a daily basis. Because of this, mental health professionals are among the least likely professions to suffer from depression, despite the negativity they face with their clients.


The understanding of the mental health aspect also affects the physical health. They’re more likely to exercise and eat healthy because they know how that benefits their minds.


9. Occupational Therapist


Occupational therapists work with a variety of individuals to overcome obstacles relating to mental, developmental, physical, and impairment problems. They’re often on their feet, getting active with their patients who need the physical stimulation.


They often take their own mental and physical health advice, ranking low for depression rates and high for overall well-being.


10. Cartographer


Mapmakers have a much different role than they once had when they were required to climb hills and take boats to map out unchartered land. Now, it involves a lot of computer work, but also a lot of excitement and time outdoors. The activity is great for your creative brain and heart health.


11. Speech-Language Pathologist 


When children or stroke patients need help overcoming speech obstacles, speech-language pathologists step in. They teach the ins and outs of proper diction and communication.


Along with strong communication skills that help them maintain relationships, they also tend to be more physically active and emotionally healthy than other careers. Their jobs can require quite a bit of movement, which is great for the heart!