7 Jobs That Require You to be Physically Fit

Monday, July 23, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003

Some jobs require you to sit at a desk; others require you to be as fit as an athlete. If you want to avoid the dangers of sitting all day, these seven careers will whip you into shape – and keep you fit.

1. Roofers

A physically demanding career, a roofer’s job is to cover roofs with asphalt, shingles, slate, wood, aluminum or other roofing materials. Roofers may also spray sealant on walls, siding and roofs.

The job requires you to have excellent trunk strength and stamina, as you’ll spend a lot of time walking or running.

2. Blockmasons and Brickmasons

Blockmasons and brickmasons are in charge of laying and binding building materials, such as: concrete, bricks, glass, tile, cinder and terra-cotta. Their job is to fix or build things, like arches, walls, partitions and even sewers.

These professionals require dynamic strength, trunk strength and stamina.

3. Choreographers

Choreographers are highly skilled and trained in the art of dance. Their job is to create new dance routines, direct shows and rehearse performances.

Choreographers may work in small studios, or they may work for famous artists who incorporate dance into their tours and music videos.

4. Modular and Mobile Home Installers

It takes a great deal of work to deliver, set and finish modular and mobile homes. These individuals may:

  • Connect water hoses and electrical systems
  • Install fixtures, appliances, units and other systems and items
  • Inspect and test the operation of parts or systems
  • Assist with the setting of the home
  • Reset hardware

Installers require stamina and trunk strength. They spend a lot of time on their feet either walking or running.

5. Sewer Repair Workers

Whether in the trenches or in the home, sewer repair workers need to be physically fit to keep up with the demands of the job. Workers may:

  • Clean sewer lines and septic tanks
  • Remove damaged sections of pipe
  • Inspect manholes to find sewer line clogs
  • Measure excavation sites
  • Operate sewer cleaning equipment
  • Manually dig out sewer lines

Sewer repair work requires stamina and dynamic strength.

6. Fallers

Fallers spend their days in the forest working a dangerous job. Using chainsaws or axes, fallers cut down trees for a living. They may also measure felled trees, and then cut them into logs of certain sizes. Fallers may split logs, trim tree tops and even load logs or wood onto trucks.

The job requires trunk strength and stamina. Workers spend most of the day walking and standing.

7. Structural Steel and Iron Workers

One of the most physically demanding jobs, structural steel and iron workers may raise, place or erect steel columns, girders and other structural elements. Some workers make a living assembling pre-fab metal buildings and metal storage tanks.

To work this job, you need dynamic strength and stamina. You’ll also spend a great deal of time walking and running.

These seven jobs will keep you physically fit while earning a paycheck. Sure. some of these jobs are dangerous, but sitting at a desk all day can be equally dangerous.