Benefits Of Eating Healthy

Monday, September 10, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003

The Significant Impact Food Has On Our Body


Food is an essential aspect of everyone’s life. It acts as a fuel for our body. The kind of food you eat decides how you function. Hence it is imperative that one sticks to a healthy diet. The type of diet that will keep you going and at the same time provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. We all wish to have a healthy, perfect fit body. But to maintain it or to get there isn’t an easy task. Though the journey is a tough one, the results are indeed worth it. Better health calls for a better living. So why should we refrain from giving it the utmost importance? They say bad habits are picked up faster than good ones. But once you manage to include good eating habits in your life, you will see the impressive results.



A start, a push is needed to build a good set of eating habits. It sure does take time. One must face many hurdles on the way, be it to stick to a plan, to not give up, or just about anything. And just when you get all that in place the thought of spending more on your food products might concern you. It is true that one might have to shell out a bit more when comes down to purchasing nutritious rich food. But you can save and get all your products with the use of food coupons and deals at a lesser price. It is the best way to save and still stick to your diet plan. Don’t let the money factor stop you from having a perfectly sound health.



“ A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution. “ Says John Mackey, an American businessman. Think about all that money you could be saving on your medical bills. Savings aren’t the only thing you are signing up for. You also get to look and feel better. If you are willing to make a huge difference in your life and lead a better lifestyle then you have landed at the right place. Here are a few benefits of eating healthy and the significant impact food has on our body.


1. Rise in Productivity


How is essential is good food for your productivity? The Population Health Management published a study which stated that there’s a 66% greater risk of productivity loss with unhealthy eating habits. Another study stated that 'Well-being risks' contribute to decreased productivity. Just like a vehicle needs fuel to run efficiently, our brain needs something to function too. Food is that for us. Better fuel means better results and good functioning of the body.



2.  Healthy Heart


The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada states that lifestyle changes can prevent close to 80 percent of premature heart disease and stroke cases. Changes include healthy food intake and having more physical activity.


Food with low sodium, cholesterol, and fats content are ideal for the heart. Oily and fried food tend to have more saturated and trans fat levels that aren’t good for the heart. Hence it is good to avoid frequent consumption of such food on a regular basis. Food products that have low-fat, low calories and cholesterol are the best for your heart. Diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are considered best for the long-term well being of the heart.


It is said that what you eat does take a toll on your body. So healthy food leads to better health. Healthy foods do not only help you have a healthy heart they also ensure you have healthy bones and teeth.


3. Good Control Over Weight


If you replace all that junk food with fruits and vegetables, you would see a change in your weight. Daily consumption of healthy food reduces the risk of obesity and other similar diseases.

The centre for disease control and prevention has published an article on Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight which emphasizes that choosing a healthy diet plan has a lot of impact on your health. One can always club exercise with a good diet plan in place. Physical activity is essential to reach weight-loss goals, states Mayo Clinic.


4.  Improves Knowledge and Mood


One can’t just pick any random diet plan and begin to follow it. There’s always a bit of research involved. In terms of what is suitable for your body, what is nutritious and what is needed. The amount of time one spends on coming up with the finalized plan is a lot. But this proves beneficial as you always have an ample of information in hand, given the amount of research that goes into it. Hence there’s always new learning and more knowledge.


On the other hand, healthy food ( carbohydrate-rich) boosts the secretion of serotonin. This chemical improves your mood.


5. More Saving


Last but not the least, purchasing fast foods can cost you more than home-cooked meals. So it is suggested that one prepares food at home. Not only do you get the nutrition you need but you end up saving more. Eating healthy food builds up your immune system and the chances of falling sick are less. Hence lesser visits to the doctor and more opportunities to save.


The  other benefits worth mentioning are:


6. Increased Life Span

7. Overall Good Health

8. Less Stress

9. Energy Source

10. Healthy Smile


Food does have a significant impact on your health. We hope this list helps you decide to switch to eating healthy. You can always work forward to maintaining a better lifestyle. Both inspiration and dedication are within your power.