Herbalife Nutrition Leads a Global Wellness Movement

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 • American Fork, UT 84003

HerbalifeWhat Is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife Nutrition is helping the world become healthier through science-backed nutrition products and wellness programs that work. The Company provides multiple solutions for those who are struggling with adequate nourishment and obesity, including an aging population that may have specific health needs.

With the help of a caring and supportive community, consumers are more likely to choose healthier lifestyles that best suit their bodies and minds.


Personalized Nutrition

The wide variety of products offered by Herbalife Nutrition can be customized to meet the individual goals of customers to best help them achieve maximum wellness. Meal replacement shakes, health bars, specialized tea, sports hydration, and vitamins are all offered to help create a balanced lifestyle.


The $300 million that Herbalife Nutrition has invested in manufacturing has ensured that all products are of high quality. There are more than 300 scientists on staff who help create some of these nutrition options. With six research and development facilities located around the world, Herbalife Nutrition has the resources to help provide a variety of healthy lifestyle choices.


What is an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor?

All products are purchased through an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor. These people are trained on all product offerings and can help consumers understand their dietary needs and the health benefits of Herbalife Nutrition products.


Becoming a distributor requires no minimum purchase, and although there is a small start-up cost, it is fully refundable. To become a distributor, training for the Company’s team of in-house nutrition and fitness experts must be completed. Within the company, there are possibilities for advancement. Many people who have either embarked on the journey of becoming a distributor, or sought out information and products from a distributor, have greatly benefited from a healthier lifestyle.


Nutrition Lifestyle Tips

In addition to offering products, Herbalife Nutrition also promotes a healthier, active lifestyle. Stress is one of the leading factors of poor health and can lead to overeating or not getting enough exercise. Properly managing stress can have a huge impact on health. Herbalife Nutrition is aware that not all stress is bad. In fact, stress, if channeled properly, can help someone focus and motivate.


Eating regularly can help fight off irritability, which may already be at an increased level from outside stress. By properly managing eating throughout the day, goals can be scheduled in a more natural setting.


Getting adequate sleep is also imperative for living a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping too much or too little can greatly affect our mood, eating habits, and energy levels. By creating a healthy sleeping plan, bodies can adapt to a circadian rhythm.



Herbalife Nutrition sponsors more than 200 extraordinary athletes and teams. By partnering with individuals and organizations from around the world, Herbalife Nutrition believes that promoting the Company can create awareness for better nutrition. Herbalife Nutrition is also helping to create a healthier world by providing nutrition education programs and a supportive community.