Home Gym: Don’t Ignore These Basic Maintenance Requirements

Monday, July 23, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003

You’re staying fit, working out at home and all of a sudden, your gym equipment breaks. You might even have adjustable dumbbells, and one drop on the floor can cause them to break. It's important to handle and maintain all of your equipment properly.

If you have a home gym and are neglecting basic maintenance, you may be voiding the warranty on your equipment, too.

Clean All of Your Equipment

If you’ve been in a “box” gym, you’ll often see stations with wipes and cleaner. These stations encourage or require members to clean all of the equipment that they use after they’re done. Sure, this is to wipe off your sweat to allow other users to use the machine, but it’s also a requirement to keep the equipment clean.

When you clean the equipment, which includes all padded surfaces, you’ll prevent the surface of the material from:

  • Cracking
  • Fading

Dust off all of the equipment every two weeks or so, making sure to blow any dirt and dust from moving parts. This will allow you to keep weight racks, pivots and pulleys clean and operational. Mats should also be cleaned, but this often requires a machine to be done properly.

Maintain Any Plumbing Systems

Home gyms that have bathrooms or faucets will need additional maintenance. These areas are often overlooked, but a small flood can damage all of your gym equipment. This means having the plumbing system inspected and maintained annually.

If you plan on doing the work yourself, choose a quality manufacturer, such as PrimeLine, to ensure that the work lasts longer.

It's worth the extra costs to minimize future damage and prevent gym equipment from being damaged.

Monthly Oil and Grease Routine

Make a checklist of all of your equipment. Treadmills, cardio machines and pulley equipment, or other pieces of equipment, will need to be inspected for wear and tear monthly. If you notice any damage, you’ll want to put the equipment out of commission until repairs can be made.

Going down your checklist, you’ll also want to grease or oil any moving parts at least once a month.

If you have multiple people using the equipment daily, you may need to perform this routine more often. The owner’s manual that the equipment came with will have a proper routine for you to follow.

This will allow your machines to stay operational for longer and move freely. It's important to follow the recommended maintenance routine in the instruction manual. This is your best point of reference for all of your maintenance needs.

When in doubt, you can always call the manufacturer and see what maintenance that they recommend.

If you use a lot of free weights, you will want to wipe them down with antibacterial solutions. The solution will keep the weights free of bacteria that can cause infection if you get cut. Rubber weight should be inspected for any cracks that form.

You can clean rubber weights, but if the cracks are extreme, you may have to replace the weights in the future. Keep rubber weights out of the sunlight for the best results.