High Intensity and Short Duration Training

Friday, December 31, 2010 • Las Vegas, NV 89130
Want to get the most benefit from the small time frame you have to complete a workout. Do a high intensity and short duration workout circuit. Rev up your metabolism and burn twice the calories in half the time. Set up your workout so you choose 12 total exercises. Put three exercises together into four groups. Each group of exercises should combine your upper and lower body. Complete each exercise in group one three times for 30 seconds each with only 30 seconds of rest between exercises. Once complete, rest for 1-2 minutes and begin group 2, and so on. You will be out of breath and sweating like crazy. The best part is you are done in 30 minutes can stretch out and head out of the gym to take on the rest of your day. Plus you will burn 8-9 times more calories throughout the day. Hit it hard and enjoy!