Life is Like an Echo!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 • Las Vegas, NV 89130

My favorite small statement that I love to share is "Life is like and echo, you get back what you put out".  This statement truly applies to all facets of life.

As a fitness trainer, I can definitely tell you that I have seen it apply to all facets of life. 

You get what you put out.  You do nothing, you get nothing.  Nobody says a person has to be completely healthy or have the perfect body.  What I do say is you should want to be healthy and look your best for you and those you love and care about.  If you don't take care of yourself or care enough about yourself to take care of yourself and look and act your best, then how can the ones you love truly believe that you do that for them.

Is fitness hard?  Is it not fun?  Well, yes it can be these things.  Is it always these things no.  When you start out doing anything that you have never done or have not done it a really long time, it is hard and may not be fun.  As we all know though, is that as we do it and keep trying it does become easier and it does become more fun.

Fitness brings more to your life than just making your body look better and be healthier.  It brings an emotional and mental change as well.  As we learn we become a different person.  As we learn we grow and shape ourselves into the new person we are during that day.  Maybe tomorrow will be different but thats okay.

As first you will have to put more effort into transforming you into your true authentic self, but once you are there, it is so much easier to be you and take care of you.

Make 2011 the year of YOU!  Whether you are 35, 55, or 75, you are still young enough to start begin active, eathing healthy and make positive changes to you life.  Why sit there and say, well I am 56 years old and I can't do that.  Why would you give up on your life like that?  Why would you want to sit around and do nothing for the rest of your life.  You can do things and be very active until the day you die.  Live life, don't let it pass you buy!

Life is Like and Echo, You Get Back What You Put Out!