Rid Yourself of the Unhealthy Behavior - You Deserve Better

Friday, October 08, 2010 • Las Vegas, NV 89130

Why we do what we do...Whether you partake in excess drinking, eating, smoke or any other destructive behavior, you need to know why you are doing it.  People do it to gain the feeling of pleasure and avoid some sort of pain.  The reason and logic is typically complicated and depends on the experience, incident and person, though there it sometimes does result from a simple stress or frustration.  These simple incidences typically will only cause the indulgent behavior to take a course of a day or two, rather than something that carries on for months or years.
By nature people seek an escape from realty with the thought process of excess equals pleasure and relief.  Therefore, stopping unhealthy behaviores may not be an easy endeavor.  In some instances seeking professional assistance from a counselor, personal trainer or other professional will be the only way to move forward from these patterns.  The best strategy is outlined below, but since every person is different and unique in their way of preceiving reality, it is advised that you define and customize this strategy to your personal and uniquie issues.
Recognize Your Problem:
You need to stop and contemplate where these pleasures, vices and over indulgences will lead you in the future.  You need to evaluate the side effects and compare the worst case scenario to your current cause of why you are using these vices.  If you begin to balance your reality versus the outcomes of the crutch, you will begin to realize and define why you are using them in the first place rather than dealing with the issues at hand.  Typically the issue at hand if dealt with results in a better outcome than continued use of the vice.
Stay Active:
Once you discover the root cause of your behavior, you will be able to work on stopping the poor behavior.  Once you begin to remove the poor behavior, the human brain will begin searching for something that will provide it with the pleasure that was generated from the vice.  At this point you must withdraw from the poor behavior and find another activity that will be a “neutralizer” activity or habit that will begin leading you away from your problems. Working Out: Exercising is one of the best ways to deal with any vice. Working out has numerous advantages that include: changing your appearance, the perception of yourself, increasing self confidence, increasing sex appeal and facilitating a positive attitude about life. From a scientific point of view the list includes: reduction of bodyweight, increase in good cholesterol (HDL), reduction in bad and total cholesterol (LDL), reduction in blood pressure, and increase in insulin sensitivity among others. All of these things translate in to a prolonged life expectancy and an overall stable and happy person. Work: The simple premise of having part in society and contributing to it with the task of work, whether for a company of for oneself will prove beneficial over time, in both psychological and physiological ways. This will enhance self esteem, strengthen community relationships, and help you recognize your role in society and the world. The key is to find work doing something you love to do.  When you do things that you love to do, your passion shines and inturn will allow you to reap the benefits.Hydration: Replace soft drinks by drinking moderate amounts of water. This will prove to keep you emotionally balanced, help lose weight, increase energy, keep your bodies alkaline, remove waste products from your metabolism and increase glow in your skin. All of these benefits will empower you to go on and move forward.
Stay on the Path Toward Success:
Once your situation starts improving, you may want to gain leverage or anchor yourself to the current optimized behavior to prevent the opportunity to waiver and have it fall apart. The best way to achieve this is to have help from someone else, preferably a specialist in the matter of addictions and/or health and wellness.  If money is an issue, you might want to seek help from people whom are close to you.  This does not necessarily include your friends or family because sometimes our own close environment is what makes us draw into these habits in the first place. Friends and family are important to all of us, but this does not mean they are the best role model you can emulate.  If friends and/or family members are toxic, then you need to not associate with them.  Surround yourself with friends and family who are uplifting and caring.   This will help you be strong, grow, in setting goals and expectations to become a better you. This may not be the only thing you may try to become the best you.  This will help you be empowered.  Use these strategies and set your goals as enhancers of pleasure, rather than focusing on the” supposed pleasure” that destructive patterns produce. It all depends on one's personality traits and the type of addiction one is facing.  With this known I ask you to seek out a professional consultation depending on your own custom needs.
Be Well and Best of Luck!
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