Feeling Great While Losing Your ‘Chub’: This IS Your Year

Friday, December 27, 2019 • American Fork, UT 84003

There comes a time in almost every female’s lifetime that we take stock of ourselves, see some advertising and think: “I want to look like that model.”  While that may not be realistic (let’s face it, real people aren’t airbrushed), it is reasonable to evaluate ourselves, and decide it’s time for change.

And that’s exactly what I did.  Recently, I was sent a container of ChubRub.  It looks like a deodorant and is all natural.  I tried it, thinking, “nobody likes the feeling of their ‘chub’ – also known as extra skin – rubbing against each other.”  I certainly don’t. And that includes how my bra feels rubbing against my skin. Now, I know that’s a bit personal, (or as my teenager would say “TMI”), but for this review, it is actually important information.

Frankly, we women spend a lot of time daily on our hair, makeup, and clothing.  This is part of our culture, although many of us fight it tooth and nail. It is simply what we do.  As I tell my better half when he complains about how long I take to get ready, “this is I am.” And it’s ironic, because, just as men have their power suit, so do we.  Mine used to be my blow outs and manicures; now those have been replaced with a genius product called ChubRub. This beauty confection can be rubbed anywhere on the outside of the body to avoid that feeling of our skin (or clothing) rubbing on itself.  From the thighs to arms, this product simply works. It helped me change how I feel about myself -- and it will do the same for you.  

A large number of products come my way. Frankly, I don’t test them all.  This one was different. Compact and easy-to-use, it had me curious from the start.  It has become part of my workout routine, my everyday walking around routine, and my getting dressed in the morning routine.  ChubRub glides on smoothly and doesn’t have a strong smell either. That’s a huge bonus, especially with natural products.

There’s a small part of everyone that wants change.  Each person wants a different type of change for themselves.  Years of Weight Watchers, dieting, and exercise (albeit sporadic), plus having children have changed my body.  Each year getting physically fit has become harder for me. And if you are like me, each New Year’s brings a new goal to actually get it done this year.  In other words, “this IS the year.” So, I decided to participate in a challenge. Orange Theory. As the person who doesn’t feel like she belongs there, I knew I needed to make myself push harder.  I start January 2. Yes, next week. And you can bet I will take my ChubRub with me. And that isn’t my only change since trying this product.

Shopping has become more fun – clothing doesn’t stick to me like it used to.  I also have a new brand of confidence when I move around, never worrying with my ChubRub “power suit” on.  You can now find it in Walmart, on Amazon (of course), or at www.zonenaturals.com.  The product is truly a game-changer.  I suggest you run, not walk, to your computer or your local Walmart and get it.  Once you do, you’ll never feel the same again.