How to Use Whey Protein to Build Muscle

Tuesday, January 07, 2020 • American Fork, UT 84003

As a supplement with all nine amino acids, whey protein is incredibly effective in helping fitness enthusiasts to build muscle. Besides being a protein itself, it's also beneficial as a post-workout, promoting protein synthesis in the body. It's no surprise why the product is flying off the shelves.

But then, it's not just enough to know that whey protein can be used to build muscle. You also have to take it at the right time and combine it with the right exercises for maximum results. That's why in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best practices for using whey protein for bodybuilding. We’ll outline the best times to take it, and the best kinds of exercise to do. 

What’s the best time to take whey protein?



The best time to take whey protein is immediately after your workout. When you work out, your muscles and tissues are stressed, strained, and sometimes, even torn. This is assuming you do it properly. Proper training for muscle building must be loaded with resistance training. As you constantly push your muscles, they tear themselves a little to complete your workout.  

You need whey protein to repair these damaged tissues. Your body begins repair of your muscles and tissues immediately after your workout. There’s a narrow window within which you’ll get the best results from the supplement. The longer you wait after your workout, the less benefit you’ll get from it.

In the morning

When you sleep, your body uses amino acids to run your metabolism. That’s why you need a healthy dose of whey protein to start your day. Besides replenishing your body protein, whey in the morning also helps to curb appetite and increase your feeling of satiety. You’ll feel fuller for longer and won’t crave any useless junk food.

What kind of exercises should you do?

You need good resistance training if you want to build muscle. Loading your muscles with more weight than they are used to promotes the development of strength, endurance, and eventually muscle mass. However, you need to remember to be gradual in your approach. Begin with moderate weights and progress to heavier ones. Benching 300 pounds on your first go will only lead to soreness and will prevent you from working out for some time.

For best results, you should structure your workout in a way that hits all your muscle groups. You shouldn't work them all out at the same time (obviously). However, you can alternate your training days, so that while one muscle group works, the other rests. This will ensure that your body’s always good to go. It will also give you an all-around physique, instead of focusing on one area. 

The bottom line

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