The Gift Of Enhanced Exercise: How to Get More Out Of Any Workout

Monday, December 23, 2019 • American Fork, UT 84003

The gift of enhanced exercise is something almost everyone wants; however, what defines a great workout used to be a very personal thing.  Today, it isn’t.  Workout success isn’t defined by how long you exercised on the treadmill or worked out with the trainer. It’s measured by the results of how much you have accomplished and, in reality, what you feel like at the end of it.  How we sweat before, during, and after a workout is a great, measurable barometer of enhanced exercise.

Most people equate working out with either being healthy or getting healthier.  For others, it’s a stress reducing technique. For this author, it is both.  With exercise come endorphins, a quicker pace, and the ability to better focus on the tasks at hand.  And that, is a great way to start or end any day in my book.

Most people don’t know, however, that by deploying a few pre-workout hacks you can actually take your workout up a notch, enabling a larger feeling of accomplishment long after the bike wheels have stopped spinning.  The lifehacks of working out all come down to understanding how to help our bodies better perform – the natural way.  In this case, however, enhancement, which means increasing your sweat production especially in those “problem areas”.  And those areas don’t require the “buckets of sweat” seen on tv either; they simply require additional appropriate stimulation to help the human body work more efficiently. 

Sweating, (during a workout or other exercise), is important; it makes a significant difference in the body chemistry.  This is the one of the required ingredients to achieve any physical goals.  In other words, it is the gold standard to any enhanced workout. And, it can be achieved without killing oneself in the process.  SweatZone is a natural product that helps the body do what it does best – remove toxins and enhance efficiency.   Having used the product directly on several problem areas, I can say that the results were noticeable from my very first use.  Within a week, even more noticeable. In a month it was fantastic. And the benefits just kept coming.


It’s ironic, in this season of giving – from exercise equipment to workout gear, we tend to make our ability to sweat properly more difficult with all the egg nog, ham, and fruitcake.  And this is why the number one (yes, literally), New Year’s Resolution worldwide, is always to lose weight and get better control of health-related issues. With products like SweatZone on hand, it is far easier to keep those resolutions because we immediately notice the improvement.  When you notice improvement, it motivates the continuation of the journey to better health.

Showing love means helping loved ones achieve our goals.  Unfortunately, that rarely lasts more than 17 days (the industry average) for health and exercise-related resolutions.  This year, why not give the gift of an enhanced workout – and the ability to reap the benefits faster by putting a healthy product in their stocking?  SweatZone is a natural gel that you rub on specific parts of your body to help make your sweat more productive, enhance your workout (or daily running around during the holidays), and tone some in the process.  It’s safe, easy to use, and cost-conscious. You’ll find it in Walmart, on Amazon, from the company directly at


This year, when you or your family are talking about getting healthier or changing their workout routines in 2020, think about ways to “hack” the system and help them enhance those workouts.  With a few tweaks, those 17 days will turn into a lifetime of healthy living – the productive way.