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Today life is crammed with demands on personal time, energy, and space. When you continuously care for others without taking care of yourself, you reach beyond your capacity to function.  Like a hard drive with too much information, you essentially crash and burn due to these physical and mental imbalances. At a Pilates class it’s your time to recharge your batteries so you can rediscover your mind-body equilibrium. The Pilates breathing technique will help you to capitalize on your strengths without wearing yourself down.


The Pilates Breath Takes Guts


Say this in one breath: “Breathe in order to achieve toned abdominals and internal organs otherwise your bladder prolapses and your stomach will look like it’s carrying a bowling ball.” Let’s drop this habit and take a breather. The Pilates breath helps condition your abdominals, pelvic floor, back muscles – and even internal organs. For instance, the bladder is toned by being pulled up and down by the diaphragm so it won’t fall down into your gut. The Pilates breath assists in releasing tension, which allows for complete mental focus needed when faced with the physical demands of your Pilates practice.


The Happy Mind and Body


“Give me stronger abs and back, toned buns, defined shoulders, and more flexibility.” As a frequent request by Pilates students, this goal aligns with a Pilates instructor’s functional goal to build a balanced body. Wellness guide Laura Hames Franklin notes we are a series of systems made to heal. Pilates is tailored to a student’s abilities, enabling strength and flexibility gains while minimizing the chance for injury. A happy Pilates body and mind can be consistently challenged and healed to reach the next level of fitness.


Pilates offers a symbiotic relationship between mind and body, evolving your approach towards a more balanced, stronger, and happier you.



By Monique Molino

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