Fitness Trackers

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 • Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972

Beware of using your activity tracking device, be it expensive or not.

This can save your life or harm you. How?

The information being stored has been used at the doctor's office to help diagnose the presence of illness. The doctor will compare your information with their office numbers. We are more relaxed and active when away from the doctor; so, you can see how this will give the doctor a more complete picture of your well being. If you are lost, the gps will help locate you.

On the flip side, the fitness tracker device will give away your location. Are you trying to avoid someone? Also, the tracking device is not completely accurate, the numbers may be, and most probably are, quite off; so, use the device as a comparison to the previous day for logging improvement.

Therefore, please, use the fitness tracker wisely and take the information it gives you with the grain of salt. They are helpful and fun to use when you understand the goal of these items.