Sunday, August 23, 2015 • Hollywood, FL 33026


Information overload.  “IO” doesn’t discriminate. I have seen it with kids, young adults, seniors, you name it. 

Sometimes, putting a workout plan together for myself or someone else, I see so much information, that it almost becomes difficult.  Therefore, since all of you have enough on your minds, I am going to keep it simple!

Here are a couple of basic workouts that you can do in a short time, with little equipment.

Got 20? 

5 pull-ups, 10 squats (with or w/out weight), and 15 push-ups. 

REPEAT for 20 minutes.  You’ll get your workout, just try it!

(add kettlebell or weight plate)


Got 30?

100 one arm rows

100 back lunges

100 abs (with ball/bosu, your choice)

(start with sets of 20, short rest, repeat exercise until 100 reps completed, then move to next exercise)


Short warm-up prior to exercising (do step-ups on the stairs if you’ve got them, walk/run around the block, loosen up with some light weight plate toe touches).


Go back to basics.  There was a reason we all did arm circles in PE class back in elementary school – warmed up the shoulders.  No reason to overthink this stuff.  Run a mile.  Take a swim. Bike after dinner.  Take a break from “IO”.  Every workout doesn’t need to look like the chalkboard did in “A Beautiful Mind”.  Just do it and have some fun!


Quick note - the temperatures have been very high across the globe this year.  Be sure to stay hydrated, and don’t be afraid to break frequently during your outdoor exercise!


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Stay strong friends!

Ciao for now.