Back to the Drawing Board

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 • Hollywood, FL 33026

March definitely had its ups and downs.  But, no problem, it just means that life is rolling along, and that’s a good thing.

Since November, I have been using the Conjugate Training Method.  This calls for a change up on the main exercises every three weeks.  I had been using the sumo deadlift, and the squat, on leg days, and it was time to switch.  Okay, I thought, easy enough.  Then I went for the traditional deadlift.  It was like the world stopped spinning.  For some reason, I just could not get the deadlift movement straight in my head.  I was so frustrated by this, that I was just short of breaking into a Hulk styled fury! But, that’s only for super heroes.  So, it was in fact, back to the drawing board.

Change is definitely a challenge. Just when you have a system worked out, everything running without even thinking about it-boom!  Now it’s time to adapt to something new.  I was once in a class with a fire department captain, and his explanation made a lot of sense.  We were commiserating over some new model, or theory.  Anyway, his rational for change was that you would not use the same mobile phone from three years ago, because there is better technology now.  A simple, yet true justification.  Even though I don’t always like to undergo new methods, I always tell myself on these occasions, that it’s adapt or die. Life moves, you can’t stand still in the middle of it.  (Alright- my deep thinking is over with, and, it’s not really very deep!)

So, let’s get back to the deadlift.  I have been fortunate enough to have been trained and lectured by some awesome strength coaches, and fitness experts.  I knew where to go for the info I needed.  Back to the basics.  Research, preparation and practice, were the keys.  All of these were the standards for growth reinforced to me growing up, by my parents, teachers and coaches.  These principles have been a mainstay in my life for addressing – wait for it- CHANGE.  I didn’t have to like it, but I had to do it. 

Onward to some research.  Many coaches like the hex bar for the deadlift.  Coaches Eric Cressey and John Hofman have both spoken to its benefits, so that was a good place to start.  I took an online look at some of the top deadlifting videos.  Additionally, I reviewed Maximum Strength, by Eric Cressey, Strength Training, by NSCA, and Athletic Strength for Women, by Oliver and Healey.  There it was, outlined step by step.  Pick the bar up, control it, and use the back and the legs. Keep a neutral spine. Protect the back. I knew these fundamentals, having used them through the years during weight training.  Now it was starting to make sense.  Using the hex bar, I have put it together and continue to work on my form, and build strength.

Change is not always easy.  Like my father use to tell me regarding a challenge, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  That’s a fact. All of the experiences that we have had make up the sum of our parts, both physically and mentally.  Sometimes it means a return to the drawing board, for a time-out, a breather, to gather that sum, and move forward.  Never give up!

Have a great month, and stay strong!

Ciao for now.

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