Believe in Yourself

Thursday, June 29, 2017 • Hollywood, FL 33026

Believe in Yourself


This past spring, I was involved in the Swim Central project here in my county. For about three months, I instructed over 200 young elementary school student in the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Most of the children were second graders or younger, and some had special learning issues as well. There were a few of the students who found it challenging to stay on the wall while waiting for their turn to swim. This was not a problem for me, as these students became my assistant coaches. I did this in order to harness their energy, and make it a positive instead of a negative. They would hold onto my shoulders, and help coach the other students in the skill which I was teaching. It really benefited this coach, the assistant coach, and the student practicing the skill.


One of my assistants was a kindergarten student, an enthusiastic little boy. Recognizing that one of his classmates was afraid of the water, my assistant told the girl, “Believe in yourself, that’s what my father always tells me!”. When I heard this, it brought a huge smile to my face. First of all, here was this five year old kindergarten student communicating to his classmate in a heartfelt manner, which most coaches do not often display. His words brought a smile to the girl, and to me. I often heard these words growing up, and use them as a parent myself.


This assistant was a hard working, happy, and giving boy. I have no doubt that he will go far in life with that spirit of goodness.


Often times, during the ups and downs of the year, we forget to believe in ourselves. Unless you have that attitude at your core, it is hard to take on challenges, and interact successfully. By this I mean that self doubt can hold you back from being your best. It also helps to have an “assistant coach”, or a friend, spouse, parent, instructor, etc., who can reinforce that belief, when you are at your shakiest.


As we hit the midway point in this year, work on building your confidence. Be that through fitness, communication, or another type of challenge, build that base. Once you believe in yourself, what you are made of, what you can do, the possibilities are endless!


Ciao for now - Nancee