Sustainable Training

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 • Hollywood, FL 33026


Sustainable Training


From elementary school, through today, I have always been working on my physical fitness.


Running was HUGE when I started physical training.  It was the most accessible activity across the country.  Anyone could do it.  Grab your sneakers, , foot to pavement, and off you went.  I spent a lot of time running the streets throughout school.  We ran at field hockey practice.  I ran when there was no practice.  I can still remember my navy and white Nikes.  


Heading into college, my coach sent us a summer workout plan involving some free weights in the garage, and a lot of running.  Once in college, it was “Nautilus”.  That involved resistance training on the machines in the gym.  Only the football team did free weights.  


Once into my career, running for endurance and resistance training on the weight machines was my routine.  Swimming and tennis were added in when time and place permitted.  Lots of challenges on the job.  Being able to move quickly, being strong physically, and having confidence in my physical readiness were important.  My life, as well as others around me, depended on it!


Raising a family depended on good health, and the ability to be organized, strong, and calm.  My family  depended on me, thus, I had to be ready.  I was always up at 0’ dark 30, before anyone else in my house, to get my training in.  So it was running, free weights, and resistance machines.  It worked.


And then, guess what?  Yes, all of those years of wear and tear caught up with me.  Some of the joints and tendons took a beating.  But throughout those years, I was doing what was right in terms of exercise and fitness, at that time!


After an assortment of orthotics, braces, and surgeries, I still hung on to the belief that there was a way to sustain my fitness, and do things better.  There had to be a better way.


Thanks to some great coaches, and science, I now have a sustainable training program.  Through my research at a variety of strength seminars, instructor training courses, and fitness conferences, I cracked the code to staying healthy and injury free.  And here it is:  Don’t do the same workout every single day, month, and year!


For me, that means that cardio days are spent hiking, biking, running, or swimming.  That activity is changed every week.  


My strength training also follows that model  In addition to my main lifts, I have at least 25 upper, and lower body exercises to choose from.  I change the number of sets, repetitions, and exercises, weekly.  I also concentrate on strengthening my weaknesses.  


The end result has been worth every bead of sweat.  I am now stronger than I have ever been.  My cardio fitness has improved as well.  Oh, and did I mention that injury and discomfort are almost non-existent??


So in fact, I can again attest to the fact that stronger is better.  Train smart, and look forward to the years of training ahead of you!  s


Ciao for now!


P.S. The heat is here, so remember to stay hydrated.