Don't have time for the gym?

Thursday, January 14, 2016 • Benton, LA 71006

Here are my policies, prices and procedures if your interested in in home personal training. Message me with any questions, thank you. 


Shane McLean’s in-home personal training


 Thank you for considering me for your health and fitness needs.  I know there is a ton of choices out there, and I’m very grateful.  This handout provides a little information about myself, package costs, policies and what to expect in our time together.

A little about me - I’ve been an American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer for seven years and counting. I have previously worked at the T. Boone Pickens YMCA, and I’m currently employed by Just Fitness in Mesquite. Also, I’ve been doing in-home training for the past 4 years and am insured.

I like to keep our training light and fun, but I’m serious when it come to your exercise form and getting results. Many things in our lives are complicated, but your exercise shouldn’t be one of them. I believe exercise is a reward for your body and should be enjoyed. 

I’m also a recognized voice in the fitness industry, featured in print and online media including, Women’s Health Magazine, and the Dallas Morning News.

My training style focuses on your core, strength, and mobility. Conditioning in these areas will help you look, move and feel like a million bucks. Moving, looking, and feeling better is my goal for you when you train with me.

My motto is "To improve one’s balance, strength, and mobility so you can move, look and feel better."


What’s included in your monthly fee

·        Individualized programming

·        One hour personal training session (s)

·        Email support on Fridays between 5 pm – 8pm (CST) I will be available via To expedite a response, the email should be point form, with one point per question, and each question of no longer than 3 sentences, and no more than 3 questions at one time.

·        Phone and text support for short questions and scheduling purposes. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

·        Use of mats and equipment.

·        My sense of humor J


Packages available - Monthly one hour sessions.

One session per week- $200 per month

Two sessions per week- $360 per month

Three sessions per week- $540 per month


Methods of payment

Square space (Credit card)




My business hours

Mon- Fri 6 am- 3:30 pm

Saturdays 8 am- 12 pm


 Business policies and procedures


 I hope we have a ton of fun together, and you get the results you deserve.  To avoid confusion and future disputes, these are my policies and procedures.

·        Your monthly charge will be due on your first training session for the month. If your first session is the 15th, then your month with end the 15th of next month.


·        There is a 16-hour cancellation policy. When less notice is given, you’ll lose the session. When 16 hours’ notice is given, we can reschedule the session. 


·        Your purchased sessions will expire at the end of your month. I will make exceptions for sickness, unexpected travel, and other issues. This will be negotiated between the two of us. 


·        We will schedule your weekly sessions by phone and in person during business hours.


·        You don’t need to purchase any equipment. If you have some, that’s great and we will use it if the need arises.



·        Text and phone calls are a best way to get hold of me for scheduling and short questions.


·        If I’m running late due to traffic, I will call you, and you will still get your full hour. If you’re running late, please call or text me on 469-328-0244.


·        Please be honest about how you are feeling before our session begins. My goal is to help you feel better, not drive you into the ground.


·        If you’d like to keep track of your progress, I will set you up a Dropbox so you can keep track of your sets, reps, weight etc.


Let’s get after it and have some fun.