Improve your balance today

Friday, April 17, 2015


Walking, running, going up and down stairs or playing your favorite sport. What do all these have in common? To some degree, all involve single leg balance. Putting one foot in front of the other.

For most of your life you tend favor one leg over the other.

For example, when kicking a ball on you're right foot, you're balancing on the left foot. The left leg is working harder to balance and stabilize the rest of you're body.

To offset that AND to improve your balance (plus you rear), do this

1. Body-weight split squat

A. To start, get into a half kneeling stance. To do this, get your right knee on the floor underneath right hip and your left foot forward, with heel underneath knee. Stand up. This is your correct stance.

B. Feel the weight on your left heel and your right toes. Initiate movement be dropping your right knee towards the ground. Making sure the right knee doesn't touch the floor. Should feel a slight stretch in the front of your right hip.

C. Push through your left heel to get back to standing position. Did you feel this in your left thigh and butt? You’re welcome.

D. Repeat steps A, B, and C on the opposite leg. If you feel unbalanced (aren't we all) or feel any undue pain, do the supported split squat below.

2. Supported Split Squat

A. Repeat the steps A, B,C above but stand next to something sturdy like a pole or the edge of a piece of furniture. You this for support. Do 15 reps.

B. When you can do 15 perfect reps (on both legs) with a lite grip try the unassisted version above.