Blogs about Body Image

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 • Galveston, IN 46932
Rachel Smith's Blog
So it's spring. Sure doesn't feel like it.  Soon, though, the weather will warm and we will be wearing shorts and tank tops.  Oh no, you say?!?!?  Body image is a huge factor in today's world.  I hear all the time about arms that sag.  Boobs that sag.  Butts that sag.  To gain back the youthful appearance to your bodies, you can take chemicals to combat age, or you can build muscle mass that helps you produce hormones to counteract aging. I opt for building muscle mass.  There's nothing like a lift you get from firm muscles.
Monday, March 18, 2013 • Saint Louis, MO 80817
Kourtney Thomas's Blog
 So I was in the gym this morning, all pumped up because it’s Monday and the week is starting off right.  Here I am, already done teaching Spinning class, moving on to my own workout, kicking butt.  Feeling great, woohoo!  And I look up into the mirror at myself and I thought, “Wow, I look great today!  I look and feel pretty, and man, my shoulders look awesome!  And I look strong!”  And you know what?  I didn’t feel guilty or wrong or anything about admitting to myself that I am beautiful!