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Friday, September 01, 2017 • New Delhi, DL 110018, IN
Health News
One of the main causes of the popularization of aesthetic treatments has been the impact of the media and social networks; and one of the consequences is the greater awareness that patients have taken on their appearance and the increase in the number of consultations they make to specialists in medicine and cosmetic surgery.Today, esthetics patients are looking for less invasive or non-surgical treatments, representing more than 80% of cosmetic procedures and assuming about 40% of the expenditure that is performed.More natural results
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 • New Delhi, DL 110018, IN
Health News
Unwanted hairs or excessive hair growth is always a concerned topic for women and men both. Mostly, women have to suffer because of the unwanted hair growth. Don’t hide yourself remove unwanted hair. People spend many bucks on the salons or homemade solutions for getting rid of hair each month. People, both men, and women spend money and time on hair removing from their arms, armpits, legs and from many other different body parts.

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