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Tuesday, July 19, 2016 • Mt Annan, AU
Gordon Bogunovic's Blog
Getting in shape can be a rocky path, especially if you are a beginner. You can easily experience a lack of motivation or feel like you’re wandering through endless fitness rules. But, with free or affordable fitness apps, reaching your fitness goals has never been closer. Maybe you want to lose some weight and become fitter, or you want to improve your overall physical and mental health? Whatever your starting motivation is, there is an app to guide you through your fitness process.MyFiziq
Monday, August 10, 2015 • Sedona, AZ 86351
Be Fit Fit Blog
Oftentimes, I am asked which type of applications and electronic devices I am using at present.The bad news is that I am somewhat electronically- and device-challenged, meaning that I only use these devices when I really must. And when I use them, I bet I do it at 10% of their potential, having not discovered all the cool stuff they can offer to me! The array and the vastness of possibilities simply scare me. Oh, well, it must be personal, because then, our 12-year-old daughter comes and claims it is all SOOO EASY to navigate!
Monday, January 20, 2014
Ariadne Greenberg/ Transformations in yoga
Today you can download apps with yoga postures, or whole flows. You can subscribe to videotaped practices that teachers create with iphones and upload to their personal web pages. You can scroll through thousands of you tube clips, or subscribe to whole channels. You can get podcasts. You can get it on facebook. You can get yoga on your laptop, your ipod, your ipad, your smartphone, or your game console (think wii). And yes, you can still buy yoga DVDs, and books (and decks of practice cards, and calendars, etc...)